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header guitar photo by Matthieu Deltour


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I’m a luthier established in a farm in the south of France (Simiane la Rotonde). I’m a former 3D artist and my professional modeling and graphic computer skills allow me to show precise and realistic designs, create complex shapes and design custom high end hardware. Each instrument is a true labor of love, from each piece of handpicked wood down to the tiniest detail. Nothing will leave my shop until I’m completely satisfied and the highest standard has been achieved. I love to communicate with my customers and show a lot of photos of every step of the instrument’s construction. I’m actually so passionate about my work you might have to tell me to give you less updates! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to design your dream instrument.


Guitar 002 by Matthieu Deltour
Guitar 009 by Matthieu Deltour
Guitar 009 by Matthieu Deltour
Guitar 003 by Matthieu Deltour
Guitar 004 by Matthieu Deltour



Any question, inquiry, don't hesitate to contact me,

I speak French and English, I'm available during the week from 10AM to 6PM, Paris time

Matthieu Deltour's workshop photo